Month: March 2014

New Website!

Welcome to the new website for the Committee on the Status of Women.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the site, please let us know! Contact Stefanie: stefanie.acevedo[a]

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, please contact one of our committee members or Laurel Parsons laureljparsons[a]


2013 Conference Report

The CSW was active at the 2013 Annual Meeting in Charlotte. Our well-attended special evening session, “Addressing the Gender Imbalance II: A Five-Year Check-up and a Five-Year Plan,” featured short but powerful presentations by Brenda Ravenscroft, Jennifer Bain, Severine Neff, Poundie Burstein, and Jane Piper Clendinning, followed by lively breakout discussions that generated many excellent ideas. Attendance at our annual Brown Bag lunch was overflowing, and generated even more ideas. Over the next few months, we will be incorporating your contributions into a new five-year plan, with specific targets to achieve and actions to complete by 2018.

We have begun researching childcare possibilities for the Annual Meeting in Milwaukee. It will be crucial for us to have an estimate of how many members will need childcare, so if you anticipate needing childcare next year, please contact Laurel Parsons (laureljparsons[a] with the number and ages of children, and approximately how many days/hours you’d likely need this service. We look forward to seeing you all in Milwaukee in November!