CSW Events at SMT Milwaukee 2014

At the Milwaukee conference this coming October, the CSW will present two events open to all SMT and AMS members:

1) Friday, November 7, 8:00-11:00 p.m: Our evening session this year, “Negotiation and Self-Advocacy Skills for Women,” follows up on concerns discussed at last year’s CSW Brown Bag Lunch. In the first part of the evening, Rachel Lumsden (University of Oklahoma) and Stefanie Acevedo (Yale University) will speak on the impact of gender and race on academic negotiation, followed by Don Gibson (Florida State University) and Eileen M. Hayes (Towson University) on negotiation from the perspective of administrators; Áine Heneghan (University of Michigan) on her perspective as a faculty member who has been successful in negotiating on her own behalf, and Joel Phillips (Rider University) on the role of faculty unions in negotiation. Following a short break, the second half of the evening will be devoted to a speed negotiation session, where audience members will have a short time to rotate through several senior administrators, pitch a single request, and receive feedback from each of the administrators on how to improve their pitch. The roster of administrators so far includes speakers Don Gibson and Joel Phillips, Brenda Ravenscroft (Queen’s University), and Joseph N. Straus (Graduate Center, City University of New York).

If you would like to participate in the speed negotiation session, please pre-register by sending your request to the CSW Chair at laureljparsons@gmail.com. While we will attempt to accommodate as many drop-in participants as possible, by pre-registering as soon as possible you will help us to ensure that we have a sufficient number of mentors to meet the demand, and no one needs to be turned away.

2) Saturday, November 8, 12:15-1:45: All SMT members are welcome to join us for the Annual CSW Brown Bag Lunch. This valuable session allows us to share with you our activities over the past year and ideas for the next, but most importantly, it allows us to hear from you about the issues you feel are most pressing for women in SMT, so that we can plan future activities and resources accordingly.  These are always very lively discussions, so bring your sandwiches and your ideas!



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