Month: August 2014

Announcing our New Situational Mentoring Program!

The CSW is very pleased to announce that earlier this week, the SMT Executive Board approved our proposal for a new mentoring program. Once up and running, the CSW Situational Mentoring Program will be open to all SMT members looking for individual mentoring on gender-related career issues regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Here’s how it will work. On our Ask Me! page, users will be able to read short descriptions by mentors listing the specific kind(s) of gender-related mentoring each one is willing to provide, and choose mentors whose experience best suits their needs. Clicking on a preferred mentor’s name will allow a user to connect directly with the mentor by e-mail, eliminating the need for users to explain potentially sensitive issues to a program administrator.

Now that we have received the go-ahead from the Executive Board, we are ready to begin recruiting a group of volunteer mentors whose collective expertise spans as wide a range of gender-related issues as possible. And to help create that diversity, we need you! If you’ve been mentored effectively on gender-related issues by another SMT member in the past, send us a recommendation. Or if you have expertise in a particular issue and would consider serving as a mentor yourself, please get in touch with us and we will answer any questions you have.

To submit a recommendation or find out about volunteering, please send a message to the CSW Chair Laurel Parsons at laureljparsons[a], outlining why you think this person (or you) could be an effective mentor. (In order to protect the privacy of recommended individuals, please DO NOT post your recommendations on a public site such as this blog or our Facebook page.) The CSW will consider all submissions, and extend invitations to those whose experience and expertise we think will best contribute to our program’s effectiveness. Once we have enough mentors, we’ll get the program online as soon as we can, so get those recommendations in!

We look forward to hearing from you, and hope this program will provide valuable assistance to those in the SMT community in need of gender-related career mentoring.

Laurel Parsons, CSW Chair