REMINDER: CSW Call for Proposals Deadline is Saturday, January 3!

The Committee on the Status of Women’s session for the 2015 SMT Annual Meeting in St. Louis will focus on feminist approaches to music theory and analysis. The Committee invites proposals for short (15-minute) papers on the following topics: feminist critiques of music theory methodology or terminology; new or modified analytical methodologies informed by feminist theory; feminist analyses of particular works derived from existing methodological paradigms. Work should not already have been published or accepted by a peer-reviewed journal.

Proposals must be submitted to Laurel Parsons, CSW Chair, at no later than January 3, 2015. Please include in your submission:

  • Two versions of the proposal in separate files, one anonymous and the other including the author’s name, institutional affiliation (if any), and contact information. Proposals should be approximately 300-500 words.
  •  A list of all required equipment (such as piano, CD player, or LCD projector) other than the sound system that will be available for all presenters. Please note that SMT normally cannot provide Internet access for presentations.

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