SURVEY: Hallowe’en at SMT

Trick or Treat! This year, the annual meeting in St. Louis conflicts with Hallowe’en, one of the most important dates on the children’s calendar. (Anybody want to write a guest blog post on this issue?)

In order to encourage SMT members with families to bring their children to the conference and ensure the kids can still have an exciting Hallowe’en with their parental units, the CSW is looking into arranging a group visit to one of the special Hallowe’en events held by St. Louis’s wonderful family-friendly attractions. (And you don’t have to be a parent to come along, as long as you bring your inner child!)

But before we can investigate further, we need your input! So we’ve created a quick, 5-question survey to gauge the level of interest and find out which event(s) members and their families would most prefer. The survey will be available over the summer, but the more responses we get in before June 30, the stronger our application for a subvention grant to help reduce the costs to participants.

DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY: Filling in this survey does not commit you to anything! We just need to get a sense of the level of interest before we write our grant proposal.


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