Directory of WiMT

As part of our commitment to diversifying the field of Music Theory, the CSW now offers an online public directory of women in music theory (WiMT). The idea was inspired by similar resources provided by other Women in… groups (please see our Resources page for links to related groups).

This is meant to be a multi-faceted resource to espouse WiMT’s research, and also to serve as a guide for scholars who may otherwise think the field lacks women specialists in [insert topic here]. We hope this directory is of use to many searching for women scholars seeking to diversify your conference panels, editorial boards, guest lecture series, etc.

Visit the Directory Here (Hosted on Google Drive)

You may add yourself using this form. Please note that while we ask for your email, no contact information is made public. You may submit, edit, or delete your entry as necessary. Women pursuing any level of research are welcome to submit, including students, post-docs, independent researchers, retirees, or other. You do not have to be a member of SMT to submit, but we hope that your use of our resources inspires you to give back to our community through membership fees.